The Short Story

Contact Training Systems Ltd is a privately owned limited liability company, which was formed in 1999 to provide a high standard of service in all areas of Conflict Management. We consult with our partners to identify their individual requirements and create programmes to achieve identified outcomes. All our programs are delivered by highly skilled professional instructors who hold current  Contact Training Systems Ltd certification.

Contact Training Systems Ltd has the knowledge and unique ability to effectively and safely instruct a wide range of participants of any ability level. Developing identified skills to enhance individual strengths while achieving a universal goal, is a core objective.

We are absolutely committed to provide comprehensive training programs which are designed in liaison with the you to achieve specific goals within the given time frame and budget. Focusing on achieving maximum results from time invested with minimum risk of injury to participants is the key.

Current Programmes/Services we offer:

  • Corporate Organisations
  • Military/Law Enforcement
  • Fitness/Personal Safety Programmes

To provide this high standard Contact Training Systems Ltd provides all training and safety equipment. We can deliver programs in any location and provide all training equipment for any length of time to provide on-site training courses.

Why us:

Contact Training Systems Ltd has an extensive and proven 'real' history with long-term partners. Our trainers have the experience and knowledge to provide course participants with an depth knowledge of skills.  Our core services are not outsourced to any other company and all trainers are certified as Subject Matter Experts with the CTS certification program.

Who Trusts Us?

Read more about the people and organisations who believe in our systems. Contact Training Systems Ltd has been successfully delivering services since 1989 an continue to grow stronger.

Our partners trust us not just because we are the leading providers of personal safety programmes in New Zealand but also because of the services we have provided over the years and the outcomes we have achieved.

The Longer Story

In 1998 a small business was formed by a man and his wife with not much idea of what would be the core but they had vision, strength, determination and above all, they had each other. This small business is still owned by them but is now internationally recognised and has programmes and trainers that could be easily described as New Zealand's leading subject matter experts in Critical Incident Management (self-defence).


Quinton was born in Wanganui within a military family, he started martial arts with his other brothers at a tender age 5. As his family moved around military bases martial arts seemed to be a common sport worldwide. A little bit later he met a young nurse and together they began their life adventure. Part of their dream was to find a way they could give back to the world. The answer to this drive was to create our business which was originally called Contact Self Defence Ltd.

Early Days

As you would be surely aware policeman and nurses don't earn much. Even less back then but instead of a big OE Quinton and Vicky - you can read more about them here, decided to put their time and money into building their business. It was during this time that it was decided the company would conduct itself with a strong set of values and business ethics which is  centred around  relationships with partners which remains our core priority to this day.

First Opportunity

They were able to build a home with a gym attached on some family owned land in North-west Auckland and Quinton, having a few skills with a hammer, was able to help build and fit out the gym. At this point, we would like to extend our thanks to the group of supporters (Dave, Jason, Kevin etc..) who we would train with us religiously every weekend and kept letting Quinton (now known as Q) know how fantastic the training was and over the years have also helped out as instructors. So, now we had a premises, Vicky kept working as a nurse (until they had their first baby) while Q sat on the phone most of the day trying drum up some meetings or book sample courses. There was no such thing back then for us like email marketing, we didn't even own a computer! It wasn't long before he realised that there was a definite gap in conflict management, especially in military and law enforcement roles, hence the design of our systems began to evolve. It had long been accepted that if someone wanted to learn self-defence they should learn a martial art, but what if they didn't want to learn a martial art ? This is a time when we were the only personal safety company that was non-martial arts based as we believed a scenario based instinctive conceptual approach would be easily recalled under stress.

A Talent

Quinton began to recognise he had a talent in the way he could deliver training which, fortunately, he has been able to also pass on his strategies to other trainers so he doesn't have to work 24/7. We educated many kids at different schools around Auckland who touched our hearts and helped us believe that we could really make a difference in society. Not only by teaching skills in the event of an incident but preventing situations arising by enhancing awareness and increasing an individual's confidence ten-fold. Children have their own way of showing us what life is really about.

Sporadic Courses

At this stage, in 1999, booked courses were few and far between and there was this amazing friend who is an electrician, who would pay Quinton to do labouring for him, (even if he really didn't need a hand & just tell Q to sit in the van and sleep for a while) - which was perfect with a new baby in the house! Along with that Quinton was taking a few kick-fit (yes, aerobic style) classes at a new gym. This is the time where we also learned how networking, meeting new people and showing them what you can do is worth its weight in gold. It is still our main source of advertising. Now the ball started to roll....

The New Millenium

The year 2000 was a surge in growth for us and we now had no trouble in drawing a salary from the company and managed to secure some contracts. That was an extreme relief also as baby number 2 was on the way.

Opening to the Public!

After much emotional debate and almost selling our company to an off-shore investor and contracting back we decided to go for it ourselves (with the help of parents as guarantor!) and open to the public to see what we could achieve. For 4years we were open like a club/gym with a timetable for the public of over 30 classes per week at one stage. It was a great facility and we enjoyed meeting and training with some amazing people but the time involved is phenomenal. Eventually, we decided weekends and evenings were family time and we closed from our members in 2008.

2009 & Beyond!

Our name changed from Contact Self Defence to Contact Training Systems Ltd to keep up with the dynamic development of our company. The founders, Quinton and Vicky Swanson continue to work full time within the company and have trainers employed that have ability and passion that is second to none. In 2012 it has become clear within NZ that our geographic isolation that we once enjoyed is no longer a defence against the challenges to safety that are faced with globally. Our honest belief is that, through the last 14 years of hard work and many days away from home, we can bring our experience home to help keep 'Kiwi's' safe. Quinton has recently been working alongside NZQA to improve the unit standards for the National Certificate in Security and we are now also offering this funded qualification for those in the industry or intending to work in security. So if you would like to become part of our vision and maximize your ability in Security or Managing Conflict find out more now by calling Quinton 021 777971

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