Corporate Overview

"Accountability starts with the effective training of personnel."

Contact Training Systems Ltd is unique in that we build relationships with our partners. to this end we listen to your needs and provide subject matter experience to identify your specific needs.

All our programs are developed  to achieves your outcomes effectively, within your time frames.

We are focused on ensuring the all our programs are enjoyable experience that are safe throughout. These programs range from interactive seminar style awareness training through to fully interactive programs. An interactive course can also provide the opportunity for your team  to build on their strength as a unit.

Services that we can provide you include:

  • Personal Safety & Conflict Management courses
  • Understanding reliivant Law (Interactive learning)
  • Team Building
  • Robbery (armed or unarmed)
  • Post-event management
  • Home/venue threat assessment
  • Traveling safely
  • Abduction prevention plans
  • High Profile Sportsperson Counter Confrontation Training

Our partnership starts with a consultation with you to find out what their personnel safety challenges are. This way, our training scenarios are built around real-time conditions. For example, this might include arriving early to an empty office building, workplaces that have common access areas or public entries and leaving a workplace late. 

Training can cover recognizing behaviours in others, adjusting our own behaviour and developing effective tools that can be applied in both violent and non-violent encounters.

The solid training focus remains - team interaction, building and keeping confidence, keeping good people safe and always keeping in mind....
there's no reason this can't be fun too!