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Staff Safety and Conflict Management


A combination seminar/ interactive course that deals with conflict from scratch. Managing the threat is about understanding conflict overall, recognizing indicators and behaviour and de-escalating conflict situations through communication and choices. The physical part of this course covers basic, effective techniques that are re-callable under stress and can be put into practice long after the course is over. All planned responses are aimed at controlling the situation, not winning a fight.

This programme is based on our Managing Threatening Situations programme trusted and applied by many New Zealand Government Departments. It is a proven success as not only a safety course but an interactive team building experience.




Robbery (Armed and Unarmed)


In the current economic climate, instances of robbery both armed and unarmed are becoming frequent. Preparing staff to manage an incident with their safety and the safety of their customers as priority is the overall goal of this training.

Preparing staff takes the path of reducing risk by training in awareness including observing behaviour, reducing the risks of robbery through planning and clear safety procedures for staff in the event of a robbery. Post-event training can include clear recollection of events, suspect and weapon description and any verbal exchange. In short, elements that are of great importance to the police investigation.



Control and Restraint


There are situations where a full-on approach to a conflict is simply over the top. For example, an elderly or very young person that may be determined to harm staff yet lacks the present ability may need to be controlled and held until they calm down or police arrive. Alternatively, there may even be a situation where staff may need to prevent a case of self-harm. It is these circumstances that call for a restraint technique that is effective and gains control of the situation without injury to that person.

Control and Restraint can be a course on its own or as part of a Staff Safety and Conflict Management course, either include the Conflict Management Presentation covering the legalities of using any restraint technique within the law and employer policy.




Travel Safety


Safe travel may mean business or holiday travel abroad, traveling on public transport, travel to and from work or school or the best practices for going out socially. Effective responses are the result of good plans before travel. This can be a course of its own or included as part of an interactive personal safety course (staff safety).




Abduction Prevention Planning


From easily learned tips for the safety of children (stranger danger) to an organizational view of family and household routines, including physical protection techniques, abduction prevention, looks at current trends and the best preparatory training to negate the threat of abduction.