National (Within NZ)

All the clients that we have developed and implemented training for continue to contract Contact Training Systems Ltd as their sole subject matter experts in incident management.

  • 1998 Design & implement Critical Incident Management programme for Royal New Zealand Air ForceAir Security unit.
  • 2000 Design & implement Critical Incident Management programme for the Department of Courts.
  • 2001 Design & implement Critical Incident Management programmes for the Royal New Zealand Navy Ship protection & Ship boarding teams.
  • 2001 Design & implement level three security training to security officers within NZQA unit standards for the Asia Pacific Training Centre.
  • 2001 Design & implement Critical Incident Management Training to the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.
  • 2001 Design & implement Critical Incident Management training for the NZ Customs Service.
  • 2002 Contracted to Waitemata Health to design and implement a staff safety package for hospital security staff.
  • 2005 Design & implement Managing Threatening Situations Training for the Department of Corrections Probation unit.
  • 2005 Train and certify the NZ police trainers in handcuffing and ASP baton instruction.
  • 2007 Design & implementation of a Critical Incident Management programme for the Justice Department court security officers.
  • 2008 Provided Matrix Security with comprehensive programme to meet the requirements for their operational security guards.
  • 2009 Develop, design and implement an incident management programme to the Department of Conservation.
  • 2011 Managing Conflict Training for Parliamentary Service Security Officers.
  • 2012 Subject matter expert for Skills Organisation in designing/developing and delivering 3 mandatory NZQA unit standards for Security.


  • 2005 Implement training in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for Police, enforcement and government agencies.
  • 2005 Implement training in Changi, Singapore for police, correction and government agencies.
  • 2006 Implement training at theHong Kong Police academy in Hong Kong for Police and various government agencies.
  • 2006 Implement training in Pretoria, South Africa for Police and various government agencies.
  • 2006 Facilitated training at Changi Naval BaseSingapore for Police/Navy. ASP AIC instructor certification programme.
  • 2007 Run training and certification programme for the Australian Customs Service in Canberra.
  • 2008 Facilitator for Miami ASP ATCrecertification and qualification course for international instructors.
  • 2009 Trained Victoria Police Trainers at the Melbourne Police Academy in Defensive Tactics batons & handcuffs.
  • 2009 Singapore Coastguard & Police training in an international AIC certification programme.
  • 2010 Singapore Police Security Command Instructor Certification.
  • 2010 Design and implementation of a High Profile Sportsperson Counter Confrontation Training programme for the Manly Sea Eagles Rugby League Team.
  • 2010 Training the Royal Thai Police & Security Agencies in management options and restraints at the Thailand Royal Police Academy.
  • 2010 International Trends & Current Training Strategies Presentation to the Shenzhen Police Academy in China.
  • 2011 Managing Conflict Situations & Conflict Continuum Presentation to Malaysia Police at Royal Malaysian Police Academy.
  • 2013 Attend an implement an international Asp baton, handcuff & restraint programme in Las Vegas, USA.