Meet the Team


Name: Quinton Swanson
Title: Senior Enforcement/Military Instructor
Founder of Contact Self Defence Ltd




Quinton joined the NZ Police in 1991 and served 9 years in various specialist teams as a team member and tactical response instructor, including:

* VIP & Witness Protection Officer and unit defensive tactics trainer
* Defensive Tactics Instructor at RNZPC for Protection officers
* Team Policing squad team member and defensive tactics trainer
* Surveillance and monitoring officer
* Warrant execution & entry team member

In 1997 he left the NZ police and foundered Contact Self Defence Ltd and is now responsible for delivering 'Management' training programmes nationally to many government departments. These include the Department of Corrections, Ministry of Agriculture & Forestry, Customs Service, NZ Police and NZ Defence Force.

He has also delivered training to a wide range of other government agencies internationally in South Africa, USA, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Australia, and Singapore. This international experience ensures that he is continually providing the most up to date training to an international standard. 


Name: Vicky Swanson
Title: Director

"My main priority is my husband and children and it's an extremely satisfying challenge in my life getting to know them and love them more every day. When I'm not at school doing parent help or being a taxi to hockey, netball and dancing I can teach you some simple techniques and concepts that are fabulous confidence boosters that will help keep you safe. I have a background as a registered nurse so I love to see you achieve your goals for your personal safety and your health and I enjoy enabling each individual to build confidence and learn new skills. It's great to motivate people to stay fit and healthy while having fun at the same time"



Name: Jim Peke

"Jim Peke spent 21 years Military Service (5 years Infantry and 16 years 1NZSAS). 3 years OSH Inspector and 10 years in the Middle East as a security contractor."




Name: Hakaraia ‘Zac’ Te Maro

"Employment History: Joined NZ Army (Territorials) in 1981.  In 1992 passed 1NZSAS selection course and went on to be ‘badged’ in 1993.  Spent 12 years with 1NZSAS.  After the army, I was employed with NZ Post as a Regional Manager and responsible for operations across North Shore, Auckland and later Waikato.  Between 2003 – 2013, I provided security consultancy to international organisations operating in post war environments in Iraq and Afghanistan.  On returning to NZ in 2014, I was employed as the Northern Operations Manager for Matrix Security Group. As of October 2016, I am an instructor and assessor with Contact Training Systems.  I have a keen interest in sport, most notably Martial Arts and Rugby."