Who are we?

Contact Training Systems Ltd NZ owned training provider that has research, development, and delivered to New Zealand Security for since 1998. All of our trainers are very experienced operators, Subject Matter Experts and are sanctioned through Contact Training Systems rigorous accreditation programme.

We have been delivering effective training to a wide range of government departments since inception and we bring the same professional approach to outcomes to the Security industry.

We are also Subject Matter Experts in the Mandatory NZQA Security units and have an in-depth knowledge of the standards.

Who do we train?

  • any person who would wish to enter the security industry or in other security jobs
  • any person with specific security and safety responsibilities within any industry
  • any person who considers themselves working in an environment where they may be exposed to violence or the threat of violence
  • any person who requires role-specific training and development
  • Mandatory Training (NZQA unit standards 27360, 27361, 27364)