Check out some of the comments below that are from our valued clients. It's a pleasure to train with such positive people.

"As a former Commonwealth Games gymnast and current sports physio, I have trained in many centers throughout the world. None come close to the excellence, skill, passion, fun, and camaraderie of Contact. Contact has no equal when it comes to inspiring members to train hard, with great technique, whilst having fun doing it. If you want to take your fitness, confidence, skill or agility to that next level, lose weight or tone up, or just cross train in a non-threatening, fun environment Contact Self Defence & Fitness Center won't disappoint you."

- Rachel Vickery

"I want to say thank you to you all for the last 2 and a bit years that Contact and its team has been a part of my life. You have all made a huge impact on me (sometimes literally!) not only in terms of the physical fitness, the self-defense training, the techniques, and the fight classes but also to me mentally and emotionally. The total commitment to quality, the drive and energy that was always unfailingly there, the genuine caring for those who trained with you, and the friendliness and sense of belonging to something unique and special are all lasting memories that I will take away from my experience with Contact.

Your guidance and training have given me increased confidence, and a greater appreciation for what mental discipline and sheer willpower can achieve when the body has said 'enough!' I am, like many of the members, sad to see this time come to a close. However, all things have their seasons, and rather than mourn I am instead deeply grateful that I was a part of the Contact experience while it was there.

Thank you all for the gifts you have given me. I wish you and your families all the very best that life has to offer. I hope that our paths will meet again. But if not, my life is richer for the time we did walk together."

-Kimble Vowless

"My husband and I have been training with Contact Self defense for the last four years, the instructors are simply incredible, nothing is ever too much for them and they really know their stuff. I have just had my first child, I trained right up to three weeks prior to having our little girl I am now back at training."

- Kathy Frame

"Very kind and friendly staff who are good at motivating me. It's like visiting my family when I go to the gym each day and everyone gets involved to help each other out during the class. It's a great all over workout and I never get bored as it's always different each time I come"

- Monique Isgrove